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What we offer?
We want to share our experiences with you. United States and Canada has established itself as an international academic destination. We get students from more than 90 countries worldwide.
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Y es que Latinoamérica te atrae y te seduce. Su aire europeo, sus increíbles paisajes que van desde el mar a la cordillera de Los Andes, desde la Puna norteña a la Patagonia, y Buenos Aires la ciudad del tango, los cafés y las librerías abiertas toda la noche.
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en Argentina
  Study in United States or Canada
United States and Canada are consolidated as international academic destinations, received students from over 90 countries around the world who choose to year after year to this beautiful country to pursue university studies.
La Universidad Blas Pascal, reservas y patrimonios de la Humanidad, son áreas para conservar, en su estado natural, hemos de darle el valor especial, protejamosla como legado para nuestros hijos.
It is almost a maxim, the best way to learn a language is to travel to the country where it is spoken. Today has appreciated as a place for these studies, thanks to the price and quality of the courses offered.
Tennis, football, basketball, ice hockey . This way U.S. and Canada present their cultural diversity, the friendliness of its people and confidence.
Estudio Internacional
In Estudiar en Ingles know that studying away from home is now a personal growth. Counting in this instance as many tools, will enable the achievement of a successful experience.
Estudios Informales
  Informal learning
Where it meets the native and foreign incredible recipes, made ??by its people. Each lodging, place, travel and destination invites you to enjoy different flavors and unique experiences.
Highlights of Estudiar en Ingles
Highlights and new to studying in English, that which is special and we share these new links.
Universidad Blas Pascal.
CAECE Mar del Plata.
Escuela de Negocios de la UB.
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  Studying in United States and Canada - Our commitment is to provide an adequate response to the needs of foreign students in United States and Canada.
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